Many marketers have “send fear” when it comes to emai marketing. They know that screwing up recipient’s names or preferences can lead to turned off subscribers and list decay. And it’s true– if you don’t do personalization correctly, you can wind up sending irrelevant messages to subscribers. However, this fear is getting in the way of marketers’ success, and the best way to move forward is to experiment with personalization. Start small, testing a few changes, and grow your strategy as you get more comfortable.
Il existe plusieurs solutions d’emailing. Assurez-vous d’en utiliser une adaptative, c’est-à-dire permettant une lecture optimale sur les différentes plateformes mobiles. En effet, de plus en plus de personnes utilisent des outils différents de l’ordinateur pour faire la lecture de leurs messages courriels ou pour naviguer sur le web. Si votre correspondance n’est pas agréable à lire sur les plateformes mobiles, elle ne sera tout simplement pas lue.
Confession: We have a serious email marketing crush on JetBlue. And they continue to deliver their lovable marketing in this cheeky email campaign that aims to humorously reengage customers. Every element from the header, to the three witty points, to the actionable, contrasting CTA work together to create a lovable campaign that's promotional without being pushy.