Si c’est fait correctement, le marketing par courriel est un moyen puissant d’obtenir des ventes cohérentes pour votre entreprise. Que vous recherchiez des clients potentiels ou que vous ayez déjà des clients, le coût de ce type de marketing est relativement faible, car une fois les courriels acquis, il n’y aura pas d’autres frais d’acquisition de trafic.
Your best bet will be to give away something that’s valuable to your target market; for instance, a high-value digital asset on a niche topic. You can give away products (we’ve all seen contests where the prize is a free iPad or gift certificates), however this strategy often leads to entrants who are more interested in the money than in what you have to offer.
Popup: Popups are a great way to get in front of your users and encourage them to subscribe. However, you want to make sure you’re reaching the right people at the right time. With AddThis List Building Tools, you can display a popup based on specific behaviors, such as when a returning visitor lands on your site, after they’ve viewed a certain number of pages, or on exit intent (right before they’re about to leave your page). Companies like Xerox have been able to grow their email lists by 540% using these list building tools. Here’s a great example from the PR agency Onboardly: