We suggest starting with two types of free offers. One top-of-the-funnel, educational piece of content like an ebook, and one middle-of-the-funnel offer to let someone speak with your sales team to get a demo or a quote or a free consultation or whatever works for your specific business. By having these two types of offers on your website, you can capture potential leads and convert customers that are in different stages of the buying process.
Personalize the « To: » Field : si vous collectez le prénom et le nom de vos contacts via vos formulaires, vous pouvez utiliser des « merge tags » pour personnaliser vos emails (« Bonjour André,… »). Sur l’utilisation des merge tags, nous vous renvoyons à la documentation très complète proposée par MailChimp. Ce n’est pas très compliqué à mettre en place et ça permet d’ajouter une vraie valeur à vos emails. Ne cochez pas la case si vous n’utilisez pas (encore) les merge tags.
A suggestion? Include a newsletter opt-in check box directly on your retargeting message or if you are capturing sales leads, be sure to remind your sales team to ask the prospect if they wish to sign up to the company newsletter before adding them to your organisation’s marketing list. Last but not least, always remember to have your data privacy link readily available on your main website.
Hi. thank you for the great information. I currently have Mail Chimp and it is set up to sync between my WordPress site and Mail Chimp. the problem is it isn’t and new subscribers to my blog are not being updated onto the list on the Mail chimp end. I have tried several fixes and nothing is working. I am unsure what to do now after endless googling it may be time to quit Mail Chimp. Seems others are having this problem also.

This article is informative, but it does not offer distinguishing features between the services covered (other than mailchimp is free). You seemed to go to great lengths to say good things about each – although I’m sure each services has positive aspects. I would have benefited much more from a rating of some sort of the various features of each service, or at least the pros & cons of each.
When you meet people face to face for any reason, ask for their business card. Offer yours. Set a glass bowl on the counter in your store or the reception desk in your office, and ask visitors to drop their cards in it. Offer some incentive to do so — a free product or service, gift card, etc. Use your own business cards to further drum up emails; add an offer on the back of your card that encourages people to sign up to receive your emails.
A l’instar de la Stratégie de Contenu, les pages de destination sont super pertinentes pour avoir un contenu adapté aux lecteurs, qui les oriente vers les informations qui sont importantes à leur véhiculer. C’est aussi l’endroit pour optimiser les conversions, que ce soit un achat, un contact, ou autres. Une telle page vous permet aussi de limiter les informations présentes directement dans le courriel (et donc de limiter sa longueur) en vous offrant un autre espace pour donner des éclaircissements et des détails à ceux qui seront réellement intéressés (ceux qui auront cliqué).
In this tutorial, we will be focusing on the world of "Email Marketing". There are many reasons why email marketing is a must-have in your digital marketing strategy and also reveal how experts have used email marketing as a core tactic in their digital strategies. Through this tutorial, we will learn a lot of things and you can also become a little professional in this field, if you practice what we are going to discuss in this tutorial.