Non seulement le e-mailing est une stratégie marketing qui occasionne très peu de frais, mais c’est aussi une de celles qui vous offrira un excellent retour sur investissement (ROI). De plus, un marketing par courriel efficace engendrera davantage de trafic (de visites) sur votre site web, ce qui contribuera à transformer vos lecteurs en clients. N’hésitez pas à faire des appels à l’action clairs afin d’inciter votre lectorat à cliquer sur vos liens et à y intégrer des éléments visuels (une image vaut mille mots!). Vous n’êtes pas à l’aise à l’idée de créer et de gérer le contenu de votre infolettre? Faites appel à un stratège web qui s’occupera de tout pour vous!
This email from Loft aims to demonstrate their understanding of your crazy, mixed-value inbox. In an effort to provide you with emails that you actually want to open, Loft asks that their recipients update their preferences to help them deliver a more personalized experience. This customer-focused email is super effective in making the recipient feel like their likes, dislikes, and opinions actually matter. 
Great information. Based on our tracking I’d tend to agree. However, we have one additional consideration with most of the marketing campaigns we run for our clients. We rent email lists. These are third party permission based email lists. So we need to take into consideration, the reputation of the brand or publisher and how they treat the subscribers on their email list. Because they sell advertising on their email list the opens and clicks are not as good as using your own organic house list. But to scale quickly and generate a flood of inquiries, leads, build your house list, or generate sales, list rental had been crushing it.
Did you see that? Did you see it move? Pretty cool, right? This small bit of animation helps to separate this email from Tory Burch from all of the immobile emails in their recipient's inboxes. They also leverage exclusivity by framing the promotion as a "private" sale. Often times, this type of positioning makes the recipient feel like they're specially chosen, which encourages them to take advantage of the special opportunity they've been presented with. 
If you decided that you want to buy 2,512,596 visitors, it would cost you $125,629.80 if you paid 5 cents a visitor. If you bought 41,142 links from a service like Sponsored Reviews at a rate of $20 a link, you would have spent $822,840. And that wouldn’t even give you high quality links. We naturally got our links from sites like Huffington Post and Forbes.”
If you haven’t yet started building an email list (but know you need to), this article is for you. You may have heard that a strong email list is one of the most valuable assets you can have, but when you’re starting from scratch, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This is partly because many business owners have a hard time envisioning the long-term payoff for the hard work they need to do now.
Create as many subscription widgets as needed and test their performance across your sites. The subscription widget’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows customize your forms with a few clicks of the mouse. Edit the layout, text, image, and color scheme order to fit your brand’s visual aesthetic. When you’ve landed on a design you’d like to use, the tool will generate an HTML code to be copy and pasted into your website’s source code.
Vous êtes à présent rendus à l’étape de conception du design et du contenu de votre infolettre. Lorsque vous peaufinerez le modèle d’infolettre choisi, pensez mobilité et accessibilité. Plus de la moitié de vos lecteurs consulteront votre infolettre via un appareil mobile, le format des images, les polices de caractères et les grosseurs de boutons sont donc plus qu’importants.
To get started, find the top 5 -10 content pages on your website and create a custom Content Upgrade for each post. Once that’s done you can continue on down the list until you have a Content Upgrade for every page on your site that receives a good amount of traffic each month (note: ‘good’ is in context of your website, your traffic and your business – for some businesses it’s 100 visits per month on a content page, for others it’s 1,000).